Surgical Weight Loss 

What if you could change your life?  What if you could lose the weight and win back your health? Surgical Weight Loss at St. Anthony in Oklahoma City offers the LAP-BAND® option performed in our state-of-the-art surgery center by board certified surgeons.

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Minimal surgery. Maximum results.
If you're looking for a surgical weight loss solution that's low risk, adjustable and reversible, consider the LAP-BAND®.  

You can have confidence that it is...

  • Minimally Invasive: Smaller incisions take less time to heal and are more likely to heal without complications. They also mean less pain. The LAP-BAND® is the least invasive option for surgical weight loss. It is performed laparascopically through several small incisions less than an inch in length. It requires no stomach stapling, stomach cutting or intestinal re-routing.
  • Safe - low risk for complications: Every surgery carries risk. You want a surgery with the lowest possible risk for complications. Because LAP-BAND® is performed lapara-scopically and doesn't involve stapling, cutting or re-routing, the risk for complications is reduced.
  • Nutritionally sound: Some surgical weight loss options re-route food so it bypasses certain digestive enzymes. The digestive process is incomplete, which results in weight loss ­ but it can also cause malnutrition. The LAP-BAND® solution doesn't affect the digestive process. Everything you eat is digested, and the nutrients are absorbed. So you get the nutrition you need to stay healthy and active.
  • Adjustable: Just as you are unique as a person, your body's response to weight loss surgery will be unique - and you need a weight-loss solution that can be adjusted accordingly. Pregnant patients, those with slowed weight loss or new health concerns all need to make adjustments in their weight loss system. It's important that the solution you select can be adjusted. LAP-BAND® is the only option that can be adjusted without additional surgery.
  • Reversible:  Most weight loss surgeries create permanent change that can not be reversed. In contrast, LAP-BAND® can be removed and in most cases, the stomach returns to its original form.

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