Frank C. Love Cancer Institute 

At the Frank C. Love Cancer Institute at St. Anthony Hospital in Oklahoma City, we’re committed to pinpointing your cancer…and then partnering with you to overcome it. We have several innovative, progressive technologies—tools we work with every day—that we can use to stand with you against your cancer, always with the goal of reducing the time from diagnosis to treatment.

No matter what type of cancer we’re facing together, the key to your healing is catching it early. Our advanced screening capabilities—like MRI, CT and PET/CT imaging devices—will help us find it in its earliest, most treatable stages. Once we’ve found where your cancer is hiding, together we’ll talk through all of your options, and we’ll help you make your plan for moving forward.

Just a few of the medical innovations we might choose to take advantage of together are minimally invasive tumor excision, high dose rate brachytherapy, chemotherapy and hormonal therapy. We also have a linear accelerator, a sophisticated radiation therapy tool that lets us precisely “twist” a beam of radiation through your body, avoiding most of your healthy cells. We even have Oklahoma City’s only CyberKnife, a practical option for treating head, neck, and spine tumors. With another tool we call Synchrony, we can even use CyberKnife to get to tumors we might have found in your moving organs (like your liver, pancreas, lungs and kidneys).  For more details about our programs, see our vital statistics page.

We can do this. We’ll face it…together.

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