Image-Guided Radiotherapy Technology 

Cancer treatment is hard on your body. But St. Anthony’s Frank C. Love Cancer Institute is committed to serving you with the best tools and the most advanced expertise available today. That’s why we employ image-guided radiotherapy technology (IGRT), a form of radiotherapy that allows your physician to actively adjust the intensity of the radiation required during your treatment.

How it works. The most basic activities—like breathing—can keep some kinds of tumors constantly on the move. These movements make it difficult to address such tumors with traditional forms of radiotherapy; it’s too easy to accidentally damage healthy tissue nearby. But IGRT combines cutting-edge scanning technology with “intensity-modulated” radiation therapy. What this means is that your team can adjust the radiation beam to your unique structure, focusing in specifically on your tumor, and avoiding contact with the better part of your normal, healthy cells.

Clinton Medbery, MD and St. Anthony radiation oncologist, explains: “IGRT lets us look at a tumor in great detail immediately before we treat it. Then we can precisely pinpoint it with radiation, only minimally impacting the healthy tissue that surrounds it.”


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