Lung Cancer Detection and Treatment 

St. Anthony is committed to finding your lung cancer…and to helping you decide your next steps. Our Lung Cancer Detection and Treatment Center offers you a wide variety of diagnostic and treatment options.

As with any cancer, the earlier you can find lung cancer, the better. We offer an innovative, painless Spiral CT scan that can even detect lung cancers as small as three millimeters—about the size of a sesame seed! And it only takes about 12 seconds, so you can get back to your day quickly.

Request a CT Lung Screening Appointment.

Of course we offer other diagnostic options too, like cytology (coughed-up saliva examination), bronchoscopy (viewing the lungs through a tube inserted through the nose), MRI and biopsy. If we find a suspicious lesion, we’ll schedule you for a PET scan that will show cell function and help us tell whether it’s something more serious that we need to address quickly.

Leading the way in cutting edge technology, we offer lung cancer treatment with an advanced linear accelerator. This system delivers a precise beam of radiation that we can bend and twist through your body, avoiding healthy tissue as we focus it on cancerous tissue.

Our oncologists can help you with several treatment approaches. Often, these will include a combination of surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. But you can rest assured: Any plan we work on, we’ll do it together with you, and we’ll design it for your unique situation and treatment needs.


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