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Accountable Care Organization

Public Reporting for SSMOK ACO, LLC

ACO Name and Location
1111 N. Dewey Avenue
P.O. Box 60389
Oklahoma City, OK  73146-0389

ACO Primary Contact

Stephen Powell

Types of ACO participants, or combinations of participants, that formed the ACO
SSMOK ACO, LLC is an ACO whose participants are made up of hospitals employing ACO professionals. The specific participants are SSM Healthcare of Oklahoma, Inc. Owning and Operating St. Anthony Hospitals and Saints Medical Group, LLC.

Organizational Information

ACO Participants
SSM Healthcare of Oklahoma, Inc. Owning and Operating St. Anthony Hospital and Saints Medical Group, LLC

ACO Governing Body

  • Thy Nguyen, M.D., Voting Member and Chair, St. Anthony Hospital
  • Kersey Winfree, M.D., Voting Member and President, Saints Medical Group
  • Paul Wright, M.D., Voting Member and Medical Director, St. Anthony Hospital
  • Salman Zubair, M.D., Voting Member and Vice President, Saints Medical Group
  • Mr. Stephen Powell, Voting Member and Vice President, SSM Healthcare of Oklahoma
  • Richard Boothe, M.D., Voting Member, St. Anthony Hospital
  • Tabitha Danley, D.O., Voting Member, St. Anthony Hospital
  • Jean Schornick, Voting Member, Medicare Beneficiary Representative
  • AC Vyas, M.D., Voting Member, St. Anthony Hospital

ACO Committees and Key Leadership Personnel

Quality Initiatives Committee

Paul Wright, M.D., Chair
Charles Gill, M.D.
Marin Villafana, R.N.
Cheyn Onarecker, M.D.

Finance Committee

Shasta Manuel, Chair
Steve Powell
Salman Zubair, M.D.

Compliance Committee 

Tabitha Danley, D.O., Chair
Kimberly O'Brien, Compliance Officer
Charles Gill, M.D.
Martin Villafana, R.N.

Clinical Leadership 

Paul Wright, M.D., Medical Director
Kevin L. Lewis, M.D., President, St. Anthony Physicians Group
Robert Rader, M.D., Medical Director Clinical Integration
Charles Gill, M.D., Director of Quality and Risk Management
Martin Villafana, R.N., Director Population Health

Administrative Leadership

Stephen Powell, Vice President Practice Operations
Shasta Manuel, Sr. Vice President Finance
Kimberly O'Brien, Director of Compliance

Amount of Shared Savings/Losses

  • Performance Year 1:  Not in operation
  • 2014:  Not in operation

How Shared Savings are Distributed

  • Reinvest in infrastructure: TBD
  • Distribution to ACO Participants:  TBD
  • Primary Care Professionals:  TBD
  • Specialists:  TBD
  • Hospital:  TBD

Quality Performance Results


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